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Maven has embraced environmental, social, and corporate governance (“ESG”) in our company culture while pursuing a vigorous, growth-focused business strategy. By incorporating these standards in our culture, ESG considerations are instinctively woven into our investment analyses and management decision-making processes.


Maven selectively acquires minerals operated by responsible E&P companies which have a proven track record relative to environmental stewardship. Key considerations include flaring and greenhouse gas emission rates, water recycling practices, and other initiatives implemented to limit negative environmental impacts. We strategically invest in natural gas because we believe it is a source of readily accessible cleaner energy, and will therefore play a prominent role in transitioning to a sustainable energy future. In our workplace we use controllable business practices to reduce carbon footprint and demonstrate rate-of-change toward climate-related goals, from being a nearly paperless workplace to thoughtful recycling of consumed supplies.



Maven is committed to supporting our local community. We believe that a strong and vibrant community naturally produces talented people who remain in their communities and make excellent partners and employees. One of our strategies to achieve this is investment through Maven’s charitable contribution fund, which matches employee contributions to local charities up to a certain dollar amount. Maven also takes an active stance on fair treatment of all individuals influenced by our business, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, or religion. In addition to being over 40% female-staffed, Maven is one of a small number of mineral companies with a female principal.

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Maven enjoys a reputation of operating at high level in all facets of our business. We believe this is primarily due to our focus on compliance with corporate governance policies, from  accurate and accepted methods of accounting to strict cybersecurity protocols. Maven is also registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which further ensures that our compliance reaches an even higher level. Another key approach is providing detailed reporting to investors to ensure transparency around investment activity and fund performance. Maven management utilizes a team-based approach that emphasizes the importance of each stakeholder’s role in making Maven a successful business and dependable investment. 

See Maven’s code of ethics as well as our accounting and reporting policies below.