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Mineral Owners

Maven has established an exceptional reputation in the industry among peers and mineral owners. The firm frequently conducts multiple purchases from the same owners over time. Since 2014, MRP’s Management Team has executed over 1,000 transactions deploying ~$320 million in capital. Maven is capable of closing on every transaction within 30 days of a signed agreement.

Maven’s team quickly values mineral interests and adheres to a standard evaluation process which includes engineering, reserve analysis, economic sensitivities, industry research, detailed mapping, and commodity price outlook. The team manages everything from gathering data to structuring the closing process in order to make the overall transaction a seamless experience.

Why Sell?

  • Quick, lump-sum cash
  • Estate Planning
  • Money for other investments - new home, college expenses, wedding
  • Debt Relief
  • Tax Advantages

Whatever the reason, Maven will offer you a fair and honest price for your minerals.

Our Process

Data: Maven will need the general location of your minerals in order to determine if they are located in an area of interest. Documents such as deeds, oil/gas leases, check stubs and division orders are helpful in valuing your mineral rights.

Screening: You can reach out directly to a Maven team member to discuss the value of your minerals and the options you may have.

Evaluation: The Maven team will perform a thorough technical analysis of your minerals and determine price based on lease terms, reserve analysis, and commodity pricing.

Closing: Once a price is agreed upon by both parties, a purchase and sale agreement will be presented for your review. Once accepted, Maven will conduct a due diligence process at its expense.

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